Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland Flood Crisis

Donate generously to help the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the devastating floods currently destroying a huge area of Queensland; an area larger than Germany and France combined.

Things are only going to get worse in the next few days as the flood lines rise. Whole communities have been wiped out, including entire livestocks and crops. There have also been 12 horrible human fatalities, with the toll unfortunately set to rise.

I was born in Queensland - my whole family and extended friendship circle are up there, with homes either already completely under water or threatened by this insane act of nature.
The thought of all of these people being left with absolutely nothing is heartbreaking. The recovery from this disaster hasn't even begun, and will take months if not years to complete.
Please donate.

For more information go to -

To see the extent of the devastation go to -

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