Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Breakfast Series - 3


Mid-week breakfasts need to be quick for most people, with work, school, and crappy slow trains to catch being a constant pressure on the morning ticking clock.
(Unless you are one of those people who I see doing nothing on my days off and wonder what it is you do with your lives - tell me so I can do it too).

Toast has always been, and will always be, a great quickie - smothered with peanut butter, vegemite or nutella and whisked off out the door along with you, it's a common brekky habit that we all share.

But there can be easy ways to incorporate more healthy habits into your morning toasty routine. Replace butter with avocado (goes so well with honey) and try to have as many fresh toppings as possible instead of just a plain old spread. Think chunky tomatoes cut up bruschetta style, grilled asparagus with smooshed marinated fetta cheese, eggs any which way, fresh strawberries or sliced banana on fresh ricotta cheese or ground nut butter.

While absolutely nothing beats a lovely chewy sourdough, in the past few months I've become a little obsessed with sprouted grain bread. Instead of processing the grains down to a flour, the whole grains are soaked in water to "sprout" and then baked into a loaf like bread. Low GI, lower in sugar, salt, preservatives and without yeast, these loaves are packed to the brim with fibre and all the good stuff. Try it out, there are so many different combos of grains and cereals out there and experiment with ways to make your toast more exciting.



 Sprouted rye grain bread with fresh tomato, basil and avocado

Whats for breakfast tomorrow, you ask? Another yum way to start your morning with veggies...

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