Thursday, October 20, 2011



Dear bread (and other bread type products),

Why do you tease me so?  What is it about your delicious crusty outer layer that I just crave so much? I've been nothing but kind to you. So why do you insist on tormenting me with your soft and grainy insides, aching to be spread with butter?

While I do have a strong fondness for rice and pasta, you, my dear chewy sourdough, are my one true love, my raison d'être as they say.

Lately though, I've been trying to avoid you. It's not permanent I promise. Goodbye afternoon bread roll, I'm now trying to replace you and your empty energy with other more wholesome, nutritient dense options. I have to admit that although traumatic at first, it has been a fair bit fun experimenting. Especially when it involves baking incredibly easy, dairy free, moist, completely satisfying, fruit filled loaves chock a block with good grains like spelt and rye.
Although I do miss your tum filling, coma inducing goodness I'm starting to realise I can live without you. Maybe we weren't meant to be, me and you...
...Ha, who am I kidding? Give me a week and I'll be back in your baguettey arms.


Apple and Dried Cherry Loaf
Makes 1 - adapted from this recipe at Scandi Foodie
250ml warm water
9g dry yeart
2 tablespoons molasses
1/4 cup LSA meal/flaxseed meal
120g dried cherries
1 large apple, grated
200g wholemeal self raising flour
200g wholemeal spelt flour
50g whole rolled rye
30ml olive oil
Place yeast and warm water in a bowl, cover with clingwrap and set aside. After 10 minutes, stir the mixture and add in the wet ingredients to the yeast -  molasses, grated apple and olive oil. Mix together well. Now add in the flours, the rolled rye, the flaxseed meal and the dried cherries. Mix really well to combine. I use a combination of both yeast, plain flour and self raising flour because I'm not the most patient person in regards to waiting for dough to rise 3 times etc, so I help the process along with half self raising flour (e.g I cheat). Also because of the grated apple the mixture is quite dense and it needs help to rise! Roll dough out onto a floured benchtop and lightly knead (you may need to add some more flour if the mixture is too wet at this point). Place in a bowl, cover with a clean towel and set aside to rise for about 1 hour. When ready to bake, place in a well greased and lined loaf tin and bake in a 180 degree oven for about 40 minutes.

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