Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grow baby, grow!


This summer, when I have a glorious 3 month break from uni, I've decided I'm going to get a vegie patch going. We have a few pots of herbs on my back deck at home, but I'm talking retaining wall, days spent digging knee deep in dirt kinda vegie garden.

Mainly I want to do this because the thought of 3 months with nothing to do scares me and I don't like to sit still. But also because I have this deep irrational fear that either an atomic bomb will go off or a third World War will begin and I've read too many Russian war novels to know that in situations like that humans need to be self sufficient (otherwise you will have to live solely off rations of sawdust "bread" slices). We are so lucky to live in a country where we can run down to the local shops to pick up whatever we may need for dinner, we are a society that is, to a large extent, unrestricted with what we can eat. As a city dwelling, middle class person, weather patterns, change of seasons and availability of resources does not dictate my eating habits (apart from the odd banana shortage every now and then).

When I stayed with a local family in a small town in Nepal, I was absolutely obsessed with their garden much to the amusement of my host family. Rows of cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes, herbs, corn, and even coffee beans was right outside their back door. For them and their community it is the most logical and economical way of life - they grow and eat what is suited to their climate. Every meal is made with the consideration of the seasons. Mother nature rules there.

I find this way of life so alluring - one day I'm going to retire to the country, have a huge farm and live solely on what I grow and produce. Big dreams, I know, but for now I'm starting with baby steps and today I planted my first tomato plant courtesy of Amanda's Nonno who grows them and then gives them to Amanda to sell in the deli. Adorable, just like my new little plant.


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