Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Dosa!

Im baaaaack!

After 5 weeks of backpacking around India and Nepal I am now safely at home, filled with a million and one memories and experiences I will never forget (and yes 80% of these involve food in one way or another).

For now, after a long journey home, I'm enjoying the simple comforts in life whilst recovering from one last bout of particularly vicious food poisoning - my luscious too big for me bed, opening my mouth in a hot shower, electricity and working powerpoints and most of all my refridgerator. Oh and dairy products.

From the spicy lightness of aromatic Southern Indian masala dosas, to the more heavy and full flavours of Rajasthani curries and of course the wonder that is the Nepali tradition of daal bhaat tarkari (dal, rice and vegetables) and Tibetan steamed vegetable momos (dumplings) I can truly say I've indulged in India and Nepals best dishes.

Here's a little snippet of what Zannie and I ate -







Although I enjoyed every second of my holiday including the delights above, I'm definitely keen to stay clear of rice and samosas for at least a few weeks. Just let me get over my strongly justified fear of unfiltered Indian ice cubes, Tibetan noodle soup and one particularly recurring eggplant curry and I'll be back on the Indian culinary bandwagon in no time...

But first I'm going to spend a few days eating as much fresh vegies and fruit I can possibly consume, because my god all I want is the feeling of a crisp lettuce leaf on my parched tongue.



Freshness bliss!


  1. whatever zanny's about to eat, looks mighty taasteeyyy!

  2. ohhhh man im jealous of your culinary experiences. do you think indian restaurants in sydney do a good job of replicating real indian food?