Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brain Food




Here's a little recipe for your viewing/eating pleasure.

This idea of rolling a soft boiled egg in a delicious, crunchy coating isn't new (scotch eggs, anyone?) - but it's bloody tasty - especially when eaten on a dreary, cold morning like today where I've got about 6 hours of technical drawing ahead of me...

Dukkah Rolled Eggs

Free-range eggs

To soft boil the eggs, place room temperature eggs in boiling water and let them bubble away for 3-4 minutes. Pour out the water and leave the eggs to sit for awhile to cool and continue to cook for a bit. Peel after about 5 mins, and be careful because they are so soft they like to explode your hand which is fun but a bit messy... 

For my dukkah I combine roasted almonds, sesame seeds, dry roasted cumin, coriander and fennel seeds, salt and pepper and pound it up into a chunky mess. Then I like to add chia seeds and pepitas for a bit of the old vitamin boost, which is always welcome on a Sunday. For the recipe go here 

I slather the eggs in dukkah, and eat them with lettuce and parsley dressed in olive oil and lemon with an obligatory chunk of avocado on the side...but you can eat them any which way.


  1. what a top sunday breakfast, while i may never need to study again. next sunday I'm looking forward to picking up the paper, a fresh cup of coffee and rolling some eggs.

  2. oh how i envy you! sounds like a delicious sunday plan to me