Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh, to have seen it with my own eyes...

Champs Elysées

I'm really sorry for the radio silence lately, but things have been a TAD hectic, with multiple uni assignments requiring many sleepless nights and just life in general has been busy, which has resulted in lack of time for cooking which in turn saddens me and makes me go a little bit crazy.

...Oh and I've also been busy PACKING beeeeeecause today I fly to Europe for the first time in my life!
Having only travelled to Asia, I'm quite excited at the prospect of visiting countries where you can indeed turn on the tap and confidently guzzle the water and don't fear for your own life merely attempting to cross the road.

Admittedly, the idea of a 30+ solo journey over there scares me a little bit, and I apologise in advance to whoever I attempt to befriend along the way in my desperation for conversation, but I'm so excited at the endless adventures that lie ahead of me, and all of the amazing places (and food) I'm yet to discover.

One of my desires for this trip is to, in every city, explore a local market, pick up some fresh, in season, (hopefully cheap heh) local produce and create a meal out of it.... I'm sure things will get interesting especially when thinking about the amount of wine that will be consumed during the process, but I'm excited to share with you guys the results.

So I bid you adieu and wish you well until next time we speak, but for now I must rush off as a baguette and wheel of brie awaits me on the other side of the world and it sure as hell aint waiting...

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