Thursday, November 18, 2010

Livin in the Seventies


I often take trips to vinnies with the intention of trawling through bundles of second hand clothing, hoping to discover an awesome vintage steal that everyone else seems to find but me. Alas, I'm just not cut out for it. So instead I have taken to collecting crockery, glasswear and cutlery because it's a lot easier to find a gem as you don't often have to fight off others unlike when you are browsing for that perfect pair of 1980s hyperchromic cullotes that are all the rage.

Lately I've been gravitating to plates and bowls that are 60s/70s inspired, with huge psychadelic prints in various shades of brown, orange and yellow. My absolute favourite piece is a 1970s Fire King teacup, saucer and bread plate that is an insane neon orange with a pearlescent tinge. Although many may disagree with my obsession I adore it. I mean, what better a way to drink your morning cup of tea...!


And how does this all relate to the crumbly looking slice above?

Well... I've been feeling in an old school mood since last week when I received in the snailmail a handwritten recipe from my dear nanna Pat. In an age of emails, sms's and wallposts I was pleasantly suprised to have received such a tangible thing. My nanna doesn't even own a computer, so her taking the time out to write down a recipe and send it to me means so much more than a quick email with a link to a website.

The recipe was for Weetbix and Date Slice and to me it just screamed early Womens Weekly Cookbooks, circa 1960s, back in an age when mothers (and possibly fathers?..ha) were desperately trying to make snacks for their kids that didn't break the bank and were tasty enough to be eaten. Nothing to go to waste and no fancy flavours!

The result? A moist and delicious slice that has the definite flavour of weetbix, with the simple but sweet addictiveness of dates. Nice one, nanna!


p.s. I used almonds instead of walnuts because I had run out but as I'm sure you're aware, anything goes

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