Friday, November 12, 2010

Froghurt Frenzy

Sydney is coming to grips with a huge pandemic that is forcing it's way through the glitz of the eastern suburbs, into the heart of the CBD, out onto the lazy northern beaches and is sneaking its way into the burbs. No, I'm not referring to swine flu, I'm talking about.... Frozen Yoghurt.

Yes, with such establishments as Wowcow, Noggi, Smooch, Twisted and Igloo Zoo popping up all over our harbourside city, we have gone frozen dessert crazy. And its no wonder ; we have every reason to be obsessed with this delicious pre or post dinner delight that is perfect for our climate and collective body concious state of mind.

Flavours such as pomegranate, mango, green tea, coffee, passionfruit, banana, hazelnut, vanilla, caramel are loaded up with tantalisingly fresh toppings such as strawberries, mango, raspberries, muesli, chocolate chips, almonds, coconut, dried cranberries, m&ms, yoghurt chips...and this is only the tip of the frozen yoghurt iceberg.

One of my favourites was when I first sampled this new delight at Igloo Zoo in Bondi early last year - I chose the green tea yoghurt with fresh pomegranate and raspberries and I was sold.

And now because I simply can't get away from my favourite new friend, I decided to attempt to make it at home. Icy and creamy, with a slight hint of green tea, it is lovely contrasted with the zing and sweetness of frozen berries.
Absolutely perfect for a hot spring day which, after a month of re-consideration and games, mother nature has finally decided to let us have, sunny skies and all.


Green Tea Frozen Yoghurt
Makes about 1 litre

500g plain thick natural yoghurt
3/4 cup sugar syrup
15 green tea bags (....excessive but essential! although this can be made with green tea powder (matcha) instead of teabags, which is probably a lot more straight forward, but I cant seem to find it in any shops near me!)

To make the sugar syrup place an equal quanitity of water and sugar in a saucepan and dissolve over a low heat. (use maybe 1 cup water to 1 cup sugar and you will have leftovers perfect for using in cocktails or sorbets). While the mixture is still hot on the stove, place the green tea bags in and leave to steep for up to half an hour or as long as possible. Vigorously squeeze each teabag Remove the green tea bags by vigorously squeezing out any juice into the pan

In a bowl combine the yoghurt with the sugar syrup/green tea combo. Stir to combine and pour into an ice cream maker to let it work its magic. If you dont have an icecream maker you can just pour it into a container and freeze - it still works a treat but it might be a bit more icy than if you use a machine, but it should taste just as nice!

Serve with mashed up berries or any other topping you like...


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