Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elvis was Here

For my birthday this year I decided to celebrate with a 'Girls Picnic' at the Winery in Surry Hills with my close friends. The Winery by Gazebo is a relatively new restaurant (only opening last year) with a focus on good wine and good food. It has a worn in feel, with a gorgeous eclectic interior that feels like you have stepped back in time and revisited about four different time eras. There was one very attractive golden crushed velvet cushion I was this close to stuffing down my top on the way out...I didn't, of course...

Only available on weekends, the set menu has seriously been tailored to suit a ladies tastebuds.
To start, a huge, warm brusty baguette to be eaten with a delicious bean and crab dip and another equally as tasty artichoke and creamy mushroom dip.


Next came a three tiered stand filled with three standard but delicious salads, amazingly tender salt and pepper squid, slightly chilli prawn skewers, lightly blanched asparagus wrapped in proscuitto, grilled chicken, dainty pastrami and roasted capsicum wraps, and soft smoked salmon.



The last tier is definitely going to make any girl swoon - perfectly soft marshmallows, italian sponge biscuits, fresh watermelon, strawberries and figs and a dense chocolate brownie all intended to be dunked in a warm pot of melted was insanely good.
A glass of sparkling wine is included and I recommend sharing a few jugs of white and rose sangria to help things along.


The Winery has generous and delicious food, great service, an unpretentious atmosphere and amazing decor which all combined to create the perfect setting to spend my birthday with amazing company.


The Winery by Gazebo: 285A Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
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  1. yummy!
    the food must be good, as the girl with the green top in the background is clearly digging it!
    mmMm lightly blanched asparagus wrapped in proscuitto..