Thursday, August 14, 2014

A visual tour of Italy - Rome, Abruzzo, Puglia, Basilicata and Campania.

Italy... where and how do I even begin?

For me, Italy has always been one of those destinations to travel to when time is on my side. I've never wanted it to be one of many rushed pit stops on a whirlwind Euro summer holiday - I've always dreamt dedicating time and energy into exploring its tiny streets and long coastlines and bowls of pasta. Maybe I've avoided going there for so long because I've been waiting for the right moment, waiting to go with the right person. Well lucky me, because I found the perfect person to travel with...and I stumbled upon some spare time. 

Hugo and I went to Italy with the intention to go with no intention. To hire a car and drive, or to stay and not move. To camp in our tent or to sleep wherever we could afford when our backs became weary from hard ground. To go to museums or to aimlessly wander the streets for days. To stay in well known cities, or to wander off the well worn track. Because of this un-intention, our holiday was perfect because we let it be. 

Listening to someone talk about their holiday is kind of like trying to understand someone else's dream from the night before. You can gage the vibe of the dream from their hazy descriptions but you just won't ever understand the magic and beauty and amazing moments that really happened... so for fear of losing you, all I can say is we ate, we drank and we were god damn merry and that if I could back as anyone in the next life, I'd come back as an Italian cos they really got the whole living thing down pat. And maybe I'd remember to pack a pillow. 

For beautiful film shots of our trip, have a look at Hugo's website


  1. Amazing ah, I also want to go sightseeing

  2. Gorgeous photos! Such a lovely light to them!

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