Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shoots and Sprouts

So... I had quite a few things I wanted to accomplish during my summer uni break. You know, learn the drums, attempt to speak some French, re-do some old furniture, find a way to achieve world peace. Four months sounds like ample time to reach these goals you would think, but truth be told I spent a lot of time sleeping/working/lying in the sun/reading/drinking and eating too much/and having ridiculous amounts of un-educational but soul enriching fun.

Consequently, due to multiple days spent lazing around doing nothing, I have so far accomplished none of the above goals.

Before you give me F in the report card of life, I want to point out it wasn't all wasted - I finally found the time to plant my new vegie garden! Which is a small but exciting victory for me.

Mum, dad and I spent a weekend digging and planting pretty much whatever we thought would work. I did spend some time on wikipedia researching what to plant and when but I have the attention span of my dog and was just itching to get things in the soil - so plant we did.



It's been a ridiculously wet and dreary summer so the herbs aren't faring too well, the possums keep eating my tomatoes and there are quite a few hungry caterpillars going to town on the coriander, but I'm hoping that by the time winter rolls around my cabbages, beetroots and leeks are going to be ripe for the picking and we will be able to sample the fruits of our labour.

Oh god, look at me here, talking in garden related puns. Just wait, soon I'll be walking around in a bright purple button up and beige slacks, carrying a pitchfork and talking with a pommy accent like good old Peter Cundall (who is a legend, by the way)...



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