Friday, September 2, 2011


I wouldn't say I was afraid of colour, quite the opposite in fact.
Colourful clothes, walls, cars, lipstick, shoes, bags and nails appeal to me so much more than the sombre tones of blacks and greys. I will never be one of those people with a monochrome house full of stainless steel with off white walls 'highlighted' with accents of taupe and cream. Nope. Bring on the kitsch patterned wallpaper. And oversized neon lampshades. And colourful drinking glasses. And bright orange mohair rugs. And siamese cats with matching died pink hair.

This sunny outlook of mine applies to food too. It's a well publicised idea that everyday we should aim to "eat the rainbow" in order to get a wide variety of minerals and vitamins. In celebration of this, most days I try to make a lunch that not only appeals to the senses, but fulfills nutritional ideals too. Here's a few photos of some of the lunches I eat, which aim to inspire the colour loving maniac I know is inside all of you too.

Spinach, radish and fresh carrots with roasted cauliflower and a tahini honey dressing;

Brown lentils with a rainbow salad of capsicums, radish, tomato, grated carrot, parsley with an olive oil dressing and feta cheese;

Quinoa with roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted carrot and beetroot, a wedge of avocado and a roasted garlic and balsamic dressing;

Red kidney beans with capsicum, tomato, avocado, tomato and a chilli lime dressing;

The bulk of my lunch is mainly fresh vegies and herbs, with some carbs on the side in the form of wholegrains - think barley, brown rice, beans, chickpeas, quinoa and some good fats like nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil. Often I roast vegetables and chuck them in for some intense vegie goodness too. Eggs feature sometimes when I'm feeling enthusiastic about protein which is rare for me. And I never forget the cheese.

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