Monday, March 21, 2011

It's A Macaroniracle! or The Macaronicles Part 1

WORRRRRRD up. I did it!

Well, I semi did it. I made a semi successful batch of macarons! Sure they may be the size of very mis-shapen bricks and quite a few of them have a gross bumpy skin (well, most of them) and my piping technique leaves little to be desired, but essentially the basics of a macaron are there;

- Little feet from when the macaron 'pops' when cooking - check.
- Crunchy outer and chewy centre - check
- Light and airy but still with substence - check.

Aaand thats about it.
Look, don't bring me down with the finer details of the skill of macaron making (smooth skin, uniformed sizes and dainty aesthetic) I'm on a amateur bakers high right now and that's where I'm staying.

So I present to thee - Macarons with a Peachy Mascarpone Filling
When I finally perfect the recipe I will share with you all...although this was the first recipe I used that actually successfully worked (oh how many there were before them) I found them to be a tad too sweet and although the filling was delicious, using the best of the late summer stonefruits I had floating around in the bottom of my fridge, it was maybe not the best consistency- a tad heavy for such a light delicacy.

Watch this space.




  1. oh my god. amazing!
    hey it takes chef's years to perfect such a delicacy, pretty sure you've done a bang-up job;)