Friday, October 1, 2010

How to Win Friends and Influence People

I've got a secret to share with you all - I've found the key to ultimate power and control and it involves chocolate and pretzels.
Yes, it may sound a bit too simple but trust me you don't need to read a 300 page book to learn the deep psychological skills needed to influence people into doing what you want, just make these -


Offer up these tasty, crunchy, salty but sweet treats and I can guarantee they will help you to convince your:
- brother that watching Australia's Next Top Model is more interesting than the football
- boss that, yes, they should give you the next three weekends off in a row
- mum into letting you take her car on a roadtrip up the coast
- sister to let you borrow her dress/shoes/bag
- best friend into driving you to the beach in an un-airconditioned car
- local barista that you are their best customer and should indeed get mates rates
- staunch bodyguard that you are cool/sober enough to get into the club
- dog that it should bring the slobbery ball back when playing fetch instead of leaving it deep in the bushes
- boyfriend that going overseas on exchange is not a good idea, even though it really is but you'll just miss him too much (actually...this is the only time these pretzels don't work)

Yes. These delectable bites are that good. Go on, make them and then conquer the world.

Chocolate Pretzels
200g fair trade milk chocolate
100g salted pretzels

Melt chocolate. Coat pretzels in chocolate. Leave on a tray lined with baking paper to harden. Refridgerate. Eat. Share. Achieve world dominance.

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